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Technology Marketing Trends 

Keep up the easy way 

If you’re like our clients, you have a great technology, smart people & not much time to keep up with marketing trends. Our resources for marketing in the high tech sector will save you heaps of time.


In depth guides to marketing complex technologies


 1. How to Present Like a Pro - Cheat Sheets

14 Cheat Sheets that show you how to move your audience to action (and outperform competitors with slick presentations and big budgets). Get your Cheat Sheets here.


2. Write to Influence

How to Create the 6 Content Types that Most Influence Buyers of High Tech (and move them to action - not just educate them). Get your guide here.

3. The Australian Technology Marketing Blueprint.

How to Win the Markets you Need (not just the ones you'd like). Get the version tailored to your industry.

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Straight talk on technology marketing
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Useful contacts

Links to providers of useful services for High Tech companies.

Intellectual Property Protection

Bird & Bird        
A rare flock of legal eagles which combines exceptional legal expertise, deep industry knowledge, creative thinking and a sense of humour.

R&D Tax Concessions & Govt Grants

Michael Johnson & Associates
An approachable, experienced team who helps Australian companies get the most value from R&D tax incentives and other government support for innovation.

Investor Relations

A smart team who provides corporate websites, investor tools and publishing services especially for companies listed on the ASX and other exchanges.  

Commercilaisation& Funding

Accelerating Commercialisation
An Ausindusry initiative that provides co-operative grants up to $1 million for small and medium Australian businesses, entrepreneurs and researchers looking to commercialise novel products, processes and services.

ATP Innovations
One of Australia's most established incubators which partners with technology-based startups and entrepreneurs to help them grow, achieve success and find investment through the support of personalised assistance and mentoring.

Australian CleanTech
An Adelaide-based firm with strong ties in China, who helps Australian clean tech companies gain profile, investment and access to overseas markets through events, networks and the CleanTech market indices in Australia and China.

Fat Hen
A forward-thinking group which makes equity crowdfunding accessible to Australian technology companies. Providing a capital platform, deal filtering, due diligence, transaction and post-investment services, Fat Hen’s sweet spot is capital raises of $1-5 million.

Hosital IP Group        
A specialist group helping innovators in hospital and medical settings to protect their IP and reach appropriate partners and assistance to  commercialise their products and services.

Market Analyses & News

Market Clarity
A specialist technology analyst firm which tracks telecommunications infrastructure, services and technology trends as well as market forces and emerging technologies.

Rust Report
Long-standing monthly update for the ICT industry, including news and analysis, insights into successful companies, contributions from industry leaders, and latest research. 

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